Kellogg's Corn Pops Cereal 320g/11.3oz Box

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Satisfying loud crisp and a proud crunch. Like walking in cold snow (you may need to be a true Canuck to get this reference). 
Forget the pellet-looking, dull textured ‘pops’ you kept being tastelessly disappointed by every time your mom bought the American version.
Now imagine if cap’n crunch tasted slightly less ‘nutty’ almost as they had been crossed with corn flakes with a splash of vanilla added.
Best of all, the texture has now evolved. Not the tear your mouth up the capn brings yet not quite as airy as cocoa puffs either. The perfect meeting point between the two!
Give these a go and get ready to see how different a product marketed as the same can be.

Instagram: Snacks-ocean thank you for your lovely review.

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